Enjoy a relaxing moment...


Nancy opened a wellness spot in Remoulins ,Gard, with a multi-nozzles spa  (body hydrotherapy).
Our spa is  in the park , among mediterannean trees, enabling relaxation of body and  spirit.

A large choice of massages can be proposed to you :  relaxing, energizing and foot massage, plus the last one ” japanese face massage ” called  “Kobido” acting as a lifting.

Specific organic oils are used for each type of massage.

Our massages have no therapeutic goal, it ‘s only for wellness, to stimulate energy, draining toxins, activate bloody fluid..



 Spa                                                                                                                       30min15 euros
Energizing massage                                                                                          30min (back and legs)35 euros
Relaxing massage                                                                                             60min (full body)50 euros
Thinning massage with specific oil , and envelopment in seeweeds     70 mn70 euros
Face care

Removing make-up, cosmetic scrub, mask, massage and care with a serum or cream

                                                                                                                                                40 min

(Ko bi do) : natural lifting                                                                                                 50 min



37 euros

50 euros

Foot Massage Thaï                                                                                                             50 mn45 euros
Foot massage Ayurvedic with a kansu bowl and   ghee                                              20mn28 euros
Body care with spa, relaxing massage with wax                                                          85 mn80 euros
Aromatherapy  : massage with steamed thailand herbs                                            70 mn55 euros



  • Tea or cold drink are offered
  • Gift cards